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Most of our projects are global, including multiple countries and continents. Subsequently, many of our customers need help in local languages and support at site. Are you as us a small company or independed consultant you know this is a challange. But together we can be strong!


Our objective is to build a global network of consultants. The consultants in the network:

  • Front and invoice the customers under their own business name

  • Have full freedom how to price and set up the customer projects and support

  • Get access to all of our material, tools, and software.


A win-win situation. You get work from other licensed consultants or us, and you can offer your customers the same, i.e. you can offer your customers global assistance.

Check out our different sites and the products that could be yours to offer to your customers:

  • 8-Step-VoC

Cost-effective tools to run a virtual or face-to-face Voice of the customer. We have experience from around 30 global VoC studies. Our software packages are unique and will make your VoC-project world-class.

A concept to improve innovation and R&D activities. Over 5.000 people have already participated in our training. One example is our training, "Project management for R&D", a unique concept that integrates agile and modern methods into a more traditional waterfall methodology. Perfect for R&D projects involving both hardware and software engineers. 


As a licensed consultant, you get:

  • training in the concepts and all the software

  • a copy of all the software 

  • a copy of all our paper books and flipbooks

  • your name and company published on our websites

  • possibility to receive assignments from the network and us

  • support from us regarding the concept or the software.

If this sounds attractive, drop us an email but don´t wait too long as there will be a limited number of consultants in the network.

Together we can make this a success.

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